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A Rainbow Six documentary series

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What are we doing?
Our Team wants to create several documentary series revolving around the Rainbow Six Siege esports scene. We're not just pressing a button to record one moment. We are taking that one moment and show the whole story behind it. Rainbow six siege is not just a game. It has a history that wants to be told and revealed. Our pro players and casters become the main character and storyteller. 

Those are as individual as the many personalities of the esport scene. No matter if player or caster, we are bringing their passion onto your screen. Become a part of our journey and follow us in the progress of telling the story of Watchsiege! 

What’s your story?

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This is our team

Niklas Massierer


Paulina Kießlich


Leonardo Djudaric


Igor Schäfer


Isabel Rziha


Marc Leipnitz


Daniel Brendel

Portrait von Marcel Nitzsche

Marcel Nitzsche

Brandburger Tor bei Nacht

Located in Berlin, Germany

Our film team is based in Berlin, Germany, and we create videos that revolve around Rainbow Six Siege and its esports scene. Our goal is to produce engaging and inspiring videos that capture the passion and dedication of players and teams from all around the globe.

Although we are based in Berlin, we believe that our videos have a universal appeal that transcends borders and language barriers. Our focus on the beauty and competitiveness of the game, combined with the personal stories of its players and teams, make our videos relatable and engaging for a global audience.

We are constantly seeking out new locations and events to capture and showcase the latest developments and highlights of Rainbow Six Siege esports. Our videos range from short player profiles and concise documentaries to larger, more ambitious projects that delve deep into the game's culture and community.

Our videos are created for esports fans and players all around the world, regardless of their background or origin. We believe that our videos can help promote understanding and appreciation for the Rainbow Six Siege esports community, and we hope to bring fans closer to the action and personalities of their favorite teams and players.

Overall, we are proud to come from Berlin, but our videos are made for esports fans everywhere. We hope that our stories and images will inspire, entertain, and connect people from all around the world.

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What can you expect from Watchsiege in the near future?

Our goal is to create a wide variety of videos that revolve around Rainbow Six Siege and its esports scene. We want to produce short and concise documentaries that provide insights into the fascinating world of R6S while also introducing esports players and teams. 

 In addition to the short documentaries, we also want to create longer formats. We aim to delve deeper into the stories and backgrounds of players and teams, highlighting their passion and dedication to the game. 

 Another goal of our video production is to create larger documentary films. We want to capture the unique perspectives and experiences of players, fans, and other individuals who are part of the Rainbow Six Siege community and present them in an expressive way. 

 Our videos will focus on the beauty of the game and its competitive aspects, and we will strive to direct the viewer's attention to the most interesting and significant moments. We want to ensure that each of our videos is unique and unforgettable, providing the viewer with a special experience. 

 Overall, our goal is to produce a broad range of videos that will engage and inspire the Rainbow Six Siege community. We look forward to taking our viewers on a journey through the world of Rainbow Six Siege and creating unforgettable moments.

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