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A Rainbow Six documentary series

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Our Story

What are we doing?
We want to create several documentary series revolving around the Rainbow Six Siege esports scene. We don’t just want to press a button to record the moment, we want to tell the whole story behind it.

We want to bring every single story behind the various personalities of the esports scene to your home on your screen. No matter if player or caster, everyone has their own personal story that we want to tell.

We would like to show you that rainbow six siege is not just a game. It’s got a story to tell, just like our pro players and casters. So be a part of our journey and tell us your story.

That’s the story of Watchsiege! What’s your story?

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This is our team.

Portrait Niklas
“With Watchsiege, I finally can combine both esports and filming together. I started filming parkour back when I was 15 years old. My friends and me, we used to go out every week to do parkour and film everything to create YouTube videos. Ever since then I loved filming.”

~ Niklas Massierer
“I am a design student playing Rainbow Six Siege in a non-professional team. Watchsiege gives me the opportunity to combine my profession with my favourite esports title”

~ Marcel Nitzsche
Portrait von Marcel Nitzsche
Brandburger Tor bei Nacht

Located in Berlin, Germany

Watchsiege might be a project based in Germany, but we will work around the globe to bring the content you like to see.

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What can you expect from Watchsiege in the near future?

We want to create a wide variety of videos. From short documentaries about players and caster to bigger and longer documentaries about Rainbow 6 Siege and esports in general.

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